Heat Recovery Geothermal Arenas

Off-Peak Cooling

Ontario electricity rates are, on average, 50% lower during off-peak hours than during on-peak daytime hours. Off-peak cooling, using thermal energy storage, lets you leverage this spread in electricity rates to dramatically lower air conditioning related energy costs.

Thermal energy storage (TES) harnesses the power of the “heat of fusion” properties of ice to provide daytime cooling for air conditioning without the massive consumption of high cost, on-peak electricity that traditional air conditioning units require.

Its simple really — Off-peak cooling makes ice at night, while electricity prices are at their lowest, and uses that ice to provide cooling for air conditioning or other processes during the day.

By operating energy intensive AC equipment at night you not only save by purchasing low cost off-peak electricity, but also, the AC equipment will operate at higher efficiency due to the cooler outdoor operating conditions, generating even further energy and cost savings while extending the expected life of the equipment.


Up to 50% Cost Savings - Off-peak cooling shifts energy consumption to non-peak times
Conserves Energy - AC equipment operates more efficiently
Benefits the Environment - uses power at night when its more efficiently generated, reduces dependency on dirty out-of-province supplies lowering GHG emissions